Gabon Complete Treatment System

H2Flow was awarded the contract to supply this complete wastewater treatment facility in West Central Africa. H2Flow won this bid against major international competition outscoring opponents from US, UK, France and South Africa. The wastewater is generated from a new housing development designed for 5000 homes and 20,000 people. The wastewater is pumped, screened and treated with an ISAM Sequencing Batch Reactor. The SBR is contained by glass fused to steel tanks as an integrated package. The tanks are covered with roofs for controlling odours and are 12m diameter by 7m tall. There is one anoxic tank with integral sludge digestion, one equalization tank and two reactor tanks. The SBR effluent water is treated by ultraviolet disinfection prior to release to a nearby river.

June 22, 2014, 9:34 a.m.
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