USA DAF - Dissolved Air Flotation System

Nov. 2, 2018

H2Flow supplied a Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) system to treat fat and oils at a large Dairy Processing Plant in Kansas, along with other ancillary equipment.

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Morocco Complete Treatment System

May 18, 2018

Morocco’s largest dairy and citrus co-operative contracted H2Flow to supply this complete wastewater treatment facility for the treatment of their wastewater. The treatment consists of screening, Dis…

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Mexico Chemical Treatment and Clarifier

April 17, 2017

H2Flow provided an industrial wastewater treatment system for a fiberglass manufacturer. The system consists of chemical addition followed by clarification to remove solid particles and oils from the…

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Suriname, South America Complete Treatment system

Aug. 3, 2016

H2Flow received a contract for a Gold Mining company - Complete Process Wastewater Biological Treatment Plant based on Moving Bed Bioreactor technology: Aeration for the oxidation of the cyanides and…

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Mexico Centrifugal Blowers

May 27, 2016

An equipment integrator asked H2Flow to provide large centrifugal blowers for one of their mining customers. The blowers are used for floatation cells.

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Mauritania Pure Oxygen Generators

March 16, 2016

H2Flow received a contract from a Gold Mining company to supply on-site pure oxygen generators for arsenic leachate destruction.

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